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And the Winners Are ...

Every year, Porthole's editor-in-chief Bill Panoff picks his most recent favorites from the cruise and travel industries. Congratulations to this year's winners!


Savviest Vacation Planners Most Inspirational Comeback Port
Snappiest Online Hotel Finder Most Cultural Home Port
Greatest Pre-Cruise Hotel Best Domestic Departure Port
Best Way to Get There Most Delightful Pre-Cruise Restaurant  
Nicest Pre-Cruise Shopping Experience Best Limo Service for Cruisers (Florida)
Smartest Cruise Crib-Sheet Best-Kept Secret Dinner At Sea
  Most Soothing Onboard Spa Operator
  Snappiest Photo Operator


Most Memorable Moment On Shore Coolest Shore Excursion
Hottest African Adventure Sunniest Arrival Port
Brightest Up-And-Coming Port Best Night's Sleep in the Mediterranean
Best Night's Sleep in Britain Best Night's Sleep Worldwide
Best All-Inclusive Family Resort Best All-Inclusive Resort for Grown-Ups
Best Hotel in the Caribbean Greatest Mediterranean Gifts
Most Upscale Caribbean Shopping Experience Greatest Caribbean Gifts
   Handiest Suitcase Ever

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